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Company name:                       Tan A Food Industries Joint Stock Company
Certificate of Business Registration:   5703000019 issued by
                                                   Department of Planning& Investment of Cantho city
Establishment:                          April 11, 2002
Tax code:                                1800456900
Address:                                   11A Tranoc, Industrial Zone, Cantho city, Vietnam
Telephones:                             (84071)843309 - 071.251444 - 071.212848
Fax:                                        (84.071)843310
Email:                                       nguyenanha@tanafood.corn


Web site:                                  www.tanafood.com

Business lines:
Producing, selling instant food (instant noodles, porridge, vermicelli, rice vermicelli) food, foodstuff, agricultural forestal products, marine products, equipment for food processing, chemicals in food industry, cane sugar, monosodium glutamate, consumer goods.
Undertaking as Agent of goods consignment.
Producing, selling synthetic products of detergents: dish-washing liquid, soaps, detergent cream, shampoos etc.
Producing and selling plastic goods, PE.
Handling means of transportation by road and water.

o TANAFOOD trademark already obtained title from the Fair of Vietnamese Goods of High Quality - Standards sponsored and certified by the Ministry of Science & echnology.
o Winning gold medal of "Safety for Community Health" at Vietnam Best Food Fair and Green Tech Fair.

o Researching and developing new typical products to meet the diverse demand of  customers.

o Widening business on exports and imports into Cambodia market (one of the leading focuses of Tanafood), Czech Republic, South Africa...We also pay special attention on post-serviced policies, promotion, and customer care.

o Fulfilling cooperation and self-improvement to match other experts on producing instant food   Distribution network:

o Tanafood's present network consists of over 200 distributors and agents in 64 cities and provinces  nationwide. And its products are also seen abroad in Cambodia, Czech Republic, South Africa.


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